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Inconvenient non release

Good Afternoon,

This week's video will not be posted. There was technical difficulties with the audio. New Generation would like to formally apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. There are quite a few people that really want these videos posted. There are plans currently in development to extend our current video library. The normal posts will resume next Sunday, July 17th. The audio issue has been resolved. Your continued support and prayer is much appreciated.

On a more positive note, the video quality should be greatly improved on the next post. Assuming, our videography computer can process fast enough to produce the video. We are also working back toward our live stream. Potentially, returning to Facebook Live while simultaneously streaming right here on We have had issues with Facebook in the past. The overall goal is to host most everything on our own website.(video archives, audio archives, and Live streaming). Thank you for enduring with us!

Take Care and God Bless you all

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